Pagan In The Media

News Articles Regarding the Militarization of Pagan Island

Marianas Variety (December 9, 2014) Local artist speaks out for Pagan on Guam

Marianas Variety (December 9, 2014) Mayor-elect Aldan lays out plans for Northern Islands

Marianas Variety (December 01, 2014) Marines to schedule Pagan visit with residents

Marianas Variety (October 17, 2014) Torres says no to military buildup on Pagan

Saipan Tribune (November 25, 2014) Military will gather public input on Tinian, Pagan EIS

Marianas Variety (October 22, 2014) Military: Alternatives for Pagan not final yet

Saipan Tribune (October 15, 2014) ‘Militarization will be discussed in meeting with Kia’aina today’

Radio Australia (October 10, 2014)  US live fire excercices threaten rare species

Saipan Tribune (October 8, 2014) A resounding ‘no’ to military use of Pagan

Saipan Tribune (October 7, 2014) Guam activists on Pagan issue: Lawsuit an option

Marianas Variety (September 26, 2014) Onward to Pagan, Saipan and Tinian

Marianas Variety (September 16, 2014) WWII researcher to join Silver Explorer visit to Pagan

Marianas Variety (September 8, 2014) NMI Democrats want to ‘Save Pagan’

Marianas Variety (September 2, 2014) (Tourists to visit Pagan this month

Saipan Tribune (August 28, 2014) Military to conduct training at FDM

Saipan Tribune (August 28, 2014) House panel opposes ‘all’ US military use of Pagan

Marianas Variety (August 26, 2014) US military to consider more input on Pagan alternative

Marianas Variety (July 18, 2014) Marciano: ‘Tour operators see potential’ of N. Islands

Marianas Variety (July 17, 2014) Investors invited to Northern Islands

Saipan Tribune (July 15, 2014) With Installation of Monitoring Equipment ‘People on Pagan now more safe’

Marianas Variety (July 15, 2014) Discover Pagan 2014 presents tour map for cruise ship passengers

Marianas Variety (July 10, 2014) Support for Save Pagan Island campaign growing, advocate says

Marianas Variety (July 10, 2014) Northern Island residents anxiously waiting for resettlement, development 

Pacific Islands Report (June 26, 2014) CNMI, Consultants Briefed On Pagan Development Opportunities

 Marianas Variety (June 24, 2014) N. Islands mayor completes prep. for cruise ship visit

Marianas Variety (April 1, 2014)Saipan and Northern Islands council supports homestead legislation

Marianas Variety (March 31, 2014)Northern Island residents want homestead program implemented

Marianas Variety (March 26, 2014) Pagan advocate says island is inhabited

Talk Nation Radio: U.S. Marine Corps Threatens Small Pacific Island

Marianas Variety (February 20, 2014) Former Northern Island residents getting closer to achieving their objectives, says Mayor Aldan

Pacific News Center (February 14, 2014) House OKs homesteads on Pagan

Marianas Variety ( January 28, 2014) Speaker urges Inos to oppose military use of Pagan

Marianas Variety (January 24, 2014) Northern Islands mayor’s office asks MVA to help promote Pagan voyage

Saipan Tribune (January 28, 2014) Lawmakers oppose Pagan militarization

Marianas Variety (December 13, 2013) Commerce, MVA officials attend ‘Discover Pagan 2014’ working group meeting

Earth Island Journal ( November 22, 2013) US Plans to Expand War Games in Ecologically Rich Mariana Islands

Marianas Variety (November 21, 2013) Pagan development planner: Military exercises bad for environment

Marianas Variety (November 20, 2013) Working group meets to plan Silver Expedition cruise ship visit to Pagan

Marianas Variety (November 13, 2013) AMIM supports resettlement, opposes ‘militarization’

Saipan Tribune (November 12, 2013) Payne meets with Inos, Hofschneider

Saipan Tribune (November 12, 2013) Admiral Payne says concerns on Pagan considered

Marianas Variety (November 12, 2013) Pagan advocates hope hearing will stir up interest

Al Jazeera (November 11, 2013) Residents of Mariana Islands protest US military live-fire training plans

Associate of Mariana Islands Mayors resolution (November 8, 2013)

Marianas Variety (November 07, 2013) Pagan may host next year’s Chamorro conference

Marianas Variety (October 29 2013) Military lobbyist’s statements ‘appall’ Pagan advocate

Marianas Variety (October 25, 2013) DPL, lawmakers discuss homesteads in Northern Islands

Marianas Variety (October 21, 2013 Save Pagan Island advocates say military exercises bad for Pagan

Marianas Variety (October 16, 2013) Petition against military exercises on Pagan has another online supporter

Marianas Variety (October 7, 2013) Save Pagan Island group finds another ally

Marianas Variety (October 3, 2013) Northern Islands mayor’s office wants lawmakers to say no to Pagan militarization

Marianas Variety (October 2, 2013)  Pågan advocate: Military activity bad for dolphins

Marianas Variety (October 1, 2013) Save Pagan Island online petition gets over 4,000 signatures

Marianas Variety (September 25, 2013) Aldan: Environmental groups support Save Pagan

Marianas Variety (September 24, 2013) Distance-learning program now possible in Northern Islands

Marianas Variety (September 23, 2013) Northern Islands mayor’s office wants to discuss Pagan with lawmakers

Marianas Variety (September 23, 2013) Inos, Calvo discuss Marianas issues

Marianas Variety (September 19, 2013) Mayor Aldan supports Cabrera development plan for Pagan

Marianas Variety (September 19, 2013) Save Pagan Island advocate encourages community to check online articles about Pagan

Marianas Variety (September 18, 2013) Northern Islands mayor touts Pagan’s eco-tourism potential\

Marianas Variety (September 17, 2013) Mariana Islands Training and Testing DEIS open for review and comment

Huntington News (September 17, 2013) OP-ED: Give the Sierra Club Credit for Taking on the U.S. Marine Corps

Sierra Club – The Planet (September 16, 2013) Pagan Island — Too Beautiful to Bomb

Marianas Variety (September 16, 2013) Authorization to clean Pagan for cruise liner visit secured

Marianas Variety (September 11, 2013) ‘Save Pagan Island’ advocate encourages others to participate in Section 106 review

Marianas Variety (September 9, 2013) Security forum: NMI will be training base

Marianas Variety (September 9, 2013) ‘Save Pagan Island’ advocate criticizes Guam conference

Marianas Variety (August 21, 2013) Summary scoping results for Pagan, Tinian incomplete, says Jerome Aldan

Environment News Service (August 19, 2013) U.S. Marines Plan to Destroy Another Island

Marianas Variety (August 19, 2013) 198 scoping comments on Pagan, Tinian proposed training sites

Marianas Variety (August 19, 2013) Residents hear opposing views on marine monument’s unfulfilled promises, Pagan militarization

Marianas Variety (August 14, 2013) Report on the proposed monument visitor center will be submitted to Kilili

Saipan Tribune (August 07, 2013) Former residents’ passionate plea to spare N. Islands

Marianas Variety (August 06, 2013) Online petition to save pagan island needs more signatures

Marianas Variety (August 02, 2013) Feds may invoke eminent domain in divert airfield proposal

Marianas Variety (August 02, 2013) Northern Islands mayor distribute Save Pagan Island bumper stickers

Marianas Variety (August 02, 2013) Beautiful Pagan paradise

Marianas Variety (July 23, 2013) Northern Islands mayor’s office, cruise planners discuss Pagan expedition 

Marianas Variety (July 22, 2013) Seman says military should compensate NMI for loss of fishing areas

Marianas Variety (July 19, 2013) Lt. governor, mayor to meet Marine officials in Hawaii 

Marianas Variety (July 19, 2013) Senator opposes expansion of military training at FDM

Saipan Tribune (July 17, 2013) ‘Pozzolan mining on Pagan not dead yet’

Marianas Variety (July 17, 2013) Online petition to save Pagan has over a thousand signatures

Marianas Variety (July 17, 2013) Back to Pagan?

Marianas Variety (July 16, 2013) Navy wants wider restricted area, danger zone at FDM

Marianas Variety (July 16, 2013) Aldan says Pagan monitoring project is a true partnership

Saipan Tribune (July 15, 2013) Pete A not worried about US military plans for Pagan

Marianas Variety (July 15, 2013) Governor impressed with Pagan project

Marianas Variety (July 15, 2013) Asia-Pacific Journal article critical of military plans for Marianas

Marianas Variety (July 15, 2013) DPL: No decision on Pagan mining permit

Marianas variety (July 12, 2013) Military operations on Tinian mutually beneficial to military, community, Marine official says

Marianas Variety (July 11, 2012) Marines preparing for another expeditionary exercise on Tinian

Marianas Variety (July 11, 2013) Pagan trip part of proposed open-ocean aquaculture project, say former lawmaker and her husband

Marianas Variety (July 11, 2013)Governor flies to Pagan today

Marianas Variety (July 11, 2013) Cabrera reminds DPL: Pagan development proposal submitted already

The Asia-Pacific Journal (July 8, 2013) Sweetening’ the Pentagon’s Deal in the Marianas: From Guam to Pagan

Marianas Variety (July 2, 2013) Northern Islands mayor’s office welcomes Russian investor’s eco-tourism plan

Marianas Variety (June 14, 2013) Marines to start field surveys on Tinian, Pagan this month

Marianas Variety (June 11, 2013) Northern Islands mayor’s office to distribute bumper stickers against Pagan militarization

Marianas Variety (June 7, 2013) Online petition to ‘Save Pagan Island’ gains more signatures

Marianas Variety (June 7, 2013) Looking back on Pagan (2)

Marianas Variety (June 6, 2013) – Guam Group Says Military Should Consider Alternatives to Pagan and Tinian

Marianas Variety (June 5, 2013) ‘Competing interests’ on Pagan concern Tenorio

Marianas Variety (May 31, 2013) Looking back on Pagan

Marianas Variety (May 30, 2013) Close to 500 sign ‘Save Pagan Island’ online petition

Radio Australia ( May 17, 2013) Northern Marianas activists attack US military training

Common Dreams (May 16, 2013) Will US Military’s ‘Pivot’ Bring Vieques Redux to Pacific?

Marianas Variety (May, 15 2013) NMD group: No to military activities on Pagan

Pacific News Center (May 15, 2013) VIDEO: CNMI Descent Corp. Opposes Military Use of Pagan

Island Chronicles (May 15, 2013) Northern Marianas indigenous oppose military activities on Pagan island

Star Advertiser (May 15, 2013) U.S. military considers remote Pacific island for live-fire training

Marianas Variety (May 13, 2013) DEQ concerned about military plans for Pagan, Tinian

Pacific Islands Report (May 9, 2013) DLNR Concerned With Military Plans for CNMI’s Pagan

Star Advertiser (May 8, 2013) Here we go again: Military to bomb fragile island

Mariana’s Variety (April 24, 2013) – Northern Islands mayor’s office sends concerns about Pagan militarization plans to Honolulu

Marianas Variety (April 23, 2013) – Planned military activities on Pagan may damage island’s historic character

Marines (April 18, 2013) Residents comment on live-fire ranges, training areas proposed for Tinian, Pagan

Pacific Islands Report (April 17, 2013): Former CNMI Senate Leader Slams Military Use Of Pagan

Pacific News Center (April 8, 2013) – CNMI Weighs Proposed U.S. Military Plans for Pagan

News Articles Regarding the Use of Pagan Island as a Dump for 2010 Tsunami Rubbish

Saipan Tribune (June 1, 2012): International campaign aims to save Pagan Island

Honolulu Civil Beat (May 31, 2012): Pacific Island still being eyed as tsunami debris dump site

Saipan Tribune (May 16, 2012) Japanese investors sending experts to Pagan

Saipan Tribune (May 03, 2012) EPA keeps eye on proposed disposal of tsunami debris on Pagan

Saipan Tribune (April 30, 2012) 10-year Pagan lease, 100M metric tons of pozzolan eyed

Saipan Tribune (April 27, 2012) Japanese investors interested in mining pozzolan on Pagan

One response to “Pagan In The Media

  1. Nathan Manibusan

    Why would you want to destroy this beautiful island? I don’t understand.
    You guys believe that Pagan is a deserted island, and that is entirely false. If you can open your eyes you will see that there are different types of life live there. This war that is happening and have been happening is nonsense. I truly believe that. Take a step back and think where you came from, where your ancestors came from. I know that it is human instinct to survive, heck that’s in all the animal kingdom, but what separates us from animals, is that we can think and rationalize the things we do.
    I ask that you stop what you’re doing right now and think to yourself and also think that Pagan is a island that life just started.

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