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  1. Marcin

    Under what law is US allowed to destroy it???

    • They intend to invoke “Eminent Domain” to take Pagan for “Public Good”. “Public Good” is a vague concept that could have any number of meanings, that is, it could be said that it is for the public good NOT to take Pagan as a live fire range. Nevertheless, eminent domain with public good as justification has been successfully used by the US, States as well as the Department of Defence when taking private and public property all over America and is never questioned by the courts.

      By the way, the US Military is exempt from environmental laws in the Marine National Monuments which are supposedly created for conservation reasons. The US has recently created four huge Marine National Monuments, one of which is the Marianas Trench MNM where Pagan and Farallon de Medinilla that the Navy bombs regulary are located, as well as another island that they used to bomb but lost interest in. The US Navy regulary tests and detonates under water explosives and uses long range sonar that kills and destroys the hearing of fish and marine mammals in Marine National Monuments. In other words, the US Military for some reason, gets to do whatever they want with impunity. Another fact – the President of the USA invokes the Antiquities Act to take anything land it wants without regard to state or local jurisdiction. In other words, they can just take it without asking which they do, despite the fact the Antiquities Act was about preserving historic buildings. It was used to create the National Parks, but only recently, since Bush, it has been used to take thousands of miles of open ocean and all the islands and atolls they contain away from the people who live there and their local governments.

  2. Craig Wilson

    How can you describe a country, a super-power that militarily destroys innocent civilians, environments, entire eco systems, rare animal species, unique and diversified ocean life as if had no more meaning than the purposeful destruction of a local dump site. I’m refering to my country, the U.S., the country marked by its exceptionalism. I hope the message gets out loud and clear to the public that if they don’t defend beautiful Pegan Island, the Department of Defense will surely destroy it for its own amusement.

  3. Geographer in Residence.

    I think recycling the trash from the tsunami makes more sense. It will give them something to do for a long time. After all Japan is resource poor (except for their great population.). As for the uS Needing to test weapons take it from a veteran, the weapons work.

  4. Kevin

    Marcin, I know this will not help but those islands are a territory of the US, but the islands are a commonwealth, so it would be the local government that would say yes or no, I truly hope they say no, Craig I know you won’t believe me when I say this but the US military nor the personnel who serve in the military WANT to kill nor do we join for that purpose, I will admit that there are some in all branches of service who do feel that way and despite efforts to get them out as soon as we find them some do slip through, I personally never took an innocent life while serving directly nor indirectly, and as much as I hate the word collateral damage, we always did our best to limit it. As far as Pagan Island being leased to dump trash that boils my blood, and I could not possibly understand why the US government would want to bomb it. This just makes me sick, i have always dreamed of taking my family there to see the island and it bothers me to think it won’t be around.

  5. mc812

    Håfa Adai,

    UOG Sea Grant is currently working on a video about Pågan, would it be ok if we used some of your pictures?
    Examples of our short, informative Mariana Island videos can be found on our Facebook page:

    Thank You,

    Manny Cruz

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